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Being a professional athlete these days is more than just playing sports – it is a life changing experience that provides opportunities that very few in society will ever have the fortune to achieve. In addition to the fame and good fortune that is bestowed on today’s professional athletes, the unique opportunity to play at the highest levels of the game provides clients with the capability of forever changing the destiny for their families and establishing a legacy that extends well beyond their playing career. Aregatta is a trusted advisor in helping each client “chart his/her own course” and make the most of their opportunities on and off the field.

Aregatta Sports Management (ASM) provides its sports clients with top-notch support to help them achieve success on and off the field. Your playing career sets everything in motion and requires a full commitment to success. Aregatta works closely with each client to analyze their strengths and weaknesses to adequately prepare for the draft. Pre-draft preparations not only include on-the-field training, but also the cultivation of a player’s off-the-field abilities to further strengthen his draft potential.

Most athletes enter the professional ranks in their early twenties when their priorities are very different than they will be once their playing days are over. Like most “twenty-somethings,” newly-minted professional athletes are often overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of decisions and good fortune. Aregatta provides a comprehensive support system to help clients navigate through their professional needs and focus their attention on showcasing their playing skills for pro personnel. By providing a comprehensive management approach, Aregatta streamlines the process to ease the burden on clients and protect their interests.