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Events are often a very effective way of communicating with constituents in order to strengthen relationships, improve brand identification, and expand on the organizationís goals. While events can be very effective tools for organizations, their establishment, management, and execution are often filled with headaches, unanticipated costs, and other complications that can often jeopardize the events or its underlying goals.

Drawing on its breadth of the organization, The Aregatta Group is an effective organizer for corporate and public events ranging from meetings and conferences to larger scale events such as concerts, tournaments, hospitality suites and other social gatherings. Aregatta leverages the organizationís creative talents and unique capabilities to make these events successful and memorable.

Aregatta services range from event consulting on matters such as budgeting and organization to comprehensive event management including venue selection, production, design, staging and logistics management, advertising and beyond. Each aspect of an event requires sufficient detail since even the smallest item can create issues that can undermine the success of the event. Aregatta effectively integrates your event team to gain the maximum return from the event.