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Associations and trade groups provide members who share similar interests with the ability to present and speak with a common voice. They not only monitor business trends, regulatory and legislative issues, and other developments that could impact the industry, they also provide members with an opportunity to improve the stature, quality and perceptions of the industry to the general public.

Aregatta provides associations with the management expertise to effective run their organizations, foster cooperation, and manage their collective agendas. Aregatta’s approach allows organizations to run as efficiently and effectively as possible without diverting their attention from their true missions. Whether the goal is to “outsource” the corporate management functions of the organization or for end-to-end administration of the organization, Aregatta is a trusted partner in maximizing their organizational effectiveness.

Some of the services that Aregatta provides include:
  • Corporate Management
  • Strategic Planning & Leadership
  • Organizational Growth
  • Membership Development
  • Financial Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Issues Tracking and Management
  • Public Relations and Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Research and Analysis
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Communications
  • Advocacy