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The Aregatta group, formed in 2003 as a business consulting firm, has transformed into an agency providing professional services to businesses, entertainers, and athletes.

The Business portion of Aregatta originally existed to serve the main function of consulting workplaces during times of need. This includes everything from outsourcing, to crisis management and corporate changes. Chase was one of Aregatta’s first major clients, during the time of the JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan merger. Today, Aregatta Management Services provide guided assistance to businesses and non-profit organizations through sponsorship endorsements and event management. Aregatta’s business clients include Chase, Morgan-Stanley, and AIG.

The Entertainment division began soon after the business department was established. Comedian Gil Tucker was Aregatta’s first entertainment client. Soon after Tucker reinvented himself as “Gil-T,” Jesse Adams joined the team at Aregatta. Adams is most famously known for his voiceovers in television and film, most notably, as Kappa Mikey on the Nicktoons Network. Comedian Joey Gay is also represented by Aregatta whose big break came on NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 4. Aregatta has helped entertainers in ways of defining their careers by booking events and creating their public image over the years.

Aregatta’s first sports class of clients included Chris Baker, WR out of Rutgers; Quince Holman, DE out of Northern Illinois; and Ryan Hart, QB out of Rutgers in the 2006 NFL draft. Aregatta works with athletes to set specific goals tailored to their lifestyles that can be reached in reasonable ways. Aregatta also works with athletes to set up non-profit organizations accommodating their area of service interest.